How To Make Buyers Want Your Home

Your home is listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the sign goes up in your front yard. Now what? Sit back and let the offers roll in. Of…

Running The HOA Transparently

Homeowner association boards are elected to rule over HOA business. Some do it better than others because of training or natural ability. But resources are readily available to train even…

Your Home: Putting The Five-Year Plan to Work For You

Thinking of selling your house? Has it been under five years since you bought it? You might want to slow it down (unless you’re swimming in equity from a crazy…

The CMA Is Just One Tool In Your Agent’s Basket

The comparable market analysis, otherwise known as a CMA, is a popular tool real estate agents use to help consumers determine their listing prices when they’re selling a home. A…

Fannie Mae’s Five Steps to Sustainable Home Ownership

As the last decade has shown us, it’s not enough to get into a home of your own — you have to be able to stay there comfortably and affordably,…

It All Comes Down to Focus: Insights From A Seasoned Broker

Hearing first hand from what OTHER brokers are doing to grow their business, more market share, and a team of trusted agents, is exactly the kind of thing most brokers…

California Residential Purchase Agreement Undergoes Thorough Revision

California’s standard Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA), produced by the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) is undergoing a major revamping. While the changes being made do not represent a radical transformation…
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